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Durable and Reliable: Our 5 Waterproof Flooring Solutions

When it comes to flooring, durability and reliability are key factors to consider, especially in areas that are prone to moisture and spills. At Wood Innovations, we offer an extensive collection of waterproof flooring that is designed to exceed the expectations of your esteemed customers. With options categorised as good, better and best, you can trust that our flooring solutions are not only waterproof but also built to last.





Our Atlantic and Long & Wide ranges are a top choice for customers looking for a functional and practical solution. With MO.RE technology, our Atlantic and Long & Wide flooring is highly MOisture REsistant, reducing swelling and enhancing durability. This makes it ideal for areas where spills and moisture exposure are common, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Your customers can trust that our MO.RE-enhanced laminate flooring options will withstand the challenges of daily wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for their homes.


Our FLOORganic range is another excellent option for customers seeking waterproof flooring. With AQUApro technology, this range has a moisture-resistant organic substrate, a self-closing tongue and groove profile and a moisture-repellent edge seal. This combination ensures that our FLOORganic flooring is highly resistant to moisture and spills, making it perfect for areas prone to water exposure. Your customers can enjoy the beauty of our FLOORganic flooring without worrying about water damage, making it a reliable choice for their home.





If unparalleled liquid resistance is what your customers need, our BinylPRO range is the answer. With water splash protection on the organic core boards and O.R.C.A. technology, our BinylPRO flooring offers exceptional durability and resistance to liquids. It can withstand liquids for up to a hundred hours, making it a top choice for areas that require high-performance flooring, such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Your customers can trust our BinylPRO range to provide reliable and long-lasting performance in moisture-prone areas.


For ultimate durability and stability, our Lignum Core range is the perfect choice. Manufactured with a unique combination of limestone and stabilisers, Lignum Core offers superior stability even in environments with varying temperatures. Its 100% waterproof core makes it ideal for all applications, including kitchens, bathrooms and basements, in both residential and commercial settings. Your customers can trust Lignum Core to provide reliable and long-lasting performance in any area of their homes or businesses.




By offering our waterproof flooring options with advanced technologies, you can differentiate your store from the competition and meet the growing demand for reliable and durable flooring solutions. Customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with investing in waterproof flooring that can withstand the challenges of everyday life. Partner with us to provide your customers with waterproof flooring options that are built to last and exceed their expectations.